ISLE Cheat Sheet: Docker Commands

Docker commands that are useful to installing or updating ISLE.

Docker Containers

List Containers

  • docker ps # Show all running containers
  • docker ps -a # Show all running and stopped containers

List Volumes

  • docker volume ls # List all volumes

Start Containers

  • docker-compose start # Starts existing containers for a service
  • docker start $(docker ps -a -q) # Start all running and stopped containers

Stop Containers

  • docker-compose stop # Stops running containers without removing them
  • docker stop [CONTAINER_NAME(S)] # Stop one or more named containers
    • Example: docker stop isle-tomcat isle-solr
  • docker stop $(docker ps -a -q) # WARNING! This will stop ALL containers running on the machine.

Stop and Remove Containers

  • docker-compose down # Stops containers and removes containers and networks for services defined in the Compose file

Pull Containers

  • docker-compose pull # Pull down all images from Docker Hub
  • docker pull [GROUP]/[REPOSITORY] # Pull one specific image from Docker Hub
    • Example: docker pull islandoracollabgroup/isle-fedora:latest

Up Containers

  • docker-compose up -d # Launch all containers for this service

Remove Volumes

  • docker volume rm [VOLUME_NAME] # Remove one or more volumes. You cannot remove a volume that is in use by a container.
    • Example: docker volume rm isle_fed-data

Remove Containers

  • docker rm [CONTAINER_NAME(S)] # Remove one or more containers
    • Example: docker rm isle_fed-data

Shell Into Docker Container

  • docker exec -it [CONTAINER_NAME] bash # Shell Into Docker Container
    • Example: docker exec -it isle-apache-ld bash
  • docker exec -it [CONTAINER_NAME] [FILE_NAME] # Shell Into Docker Container and Run Script
    • Example: docker exec -it isle-apache-ld bash -c "cd /utility-scripts/isle_drupal_build_tools && ./

Docker Service

  • sudo service docker status # Show Docker Status
  • sudo /bin/systemctl restart docker.service # Restart Docker Service
  • sudo service docker restart # Restart Docker Service (alternate)

Watching Docker Logs

  • docker logs -f --tail 10 [CONTAINER_NAME] # Show the last 10 lines (--tail 10) of a container's logs; -f means continuous/live feed
    • Example: docker logs -f --tail 10 isle-apache-ld

Locate Docker Volume

  • docker volume inspect [VOLUME_NAME] # Locate Docker Volume
    • Example: docker volume inspect isle_fed-data
    • resultant display is a JSON array that contains a location like this:
      • "Mountpoint": "/var/lib/docker/volumes/isle_fed-data/_data"

Port Lookups

  • docker port [CONTAINER_NAME] # List port mappings or a specific mapping for the container
  • docker ps | grep 8381 # Query what is using a specific port number
  • lsof -i :8381 # Query what is using a specific port number

Docker Version

  • docker version # This will render all version information in an easy to read layout


Delete All Containers, Networks, Volumes and Images

  • docker-compose down -v # WARNING! NEVER run this command in production. ONLY consider doing this on your Demo Local machine. This command will delete all Docker containers, networks, volumes, and images created by up. (This command will not delete your git repository or the paths or contents of your bind mounts.)

Remove Unused Data

  • docker system prune --all # WARNING! Remove all unused containers, networks, images and volumes. (Translation: This will remove all stopped containers, all networks not used by a container, all images that lack an associated container, and all build cache.)

Remove All Containers

  • docker rm $(docker ps -a -q) # WARNING! This will remove ALL containers on the machine!

UNIX Commands

Quickly View a File, Using cat

  • usage: cat [FILE_NAME]
  • Example: cat /etc/hosts

Ping to Test Connectivity

  • usage: ping [DOMAIN]
  • Example: ping
  • Example: ping isle.localdomain

DNS Lookup and Querying Tool

  • usage: dig [DOMAIN]
  • Example: dig
  • Example: dig isle.localdomain

EXTREME CAUTION: Remove Directory: Recursively and with Force

  • usage: sudo rm -rf [DIRECTORY_NAME]
  • Example: sudo rm -rf /var/tmp/scrap/


How to Remove All Docker Containers and Then Pull Down Fresh Images

  1. Stop all current containers
    • docker-compose stop
  2. WARNING! This will remove: all stopped containers;, etc.
    • docker system prune --all
  3. Delete "data" folder in ISLE-Developer folder so logs are fresh and clean
    • sudo rm -rf data
  4. Pull down the images from Docker Hub
    • docker-compose pull
  5. Launch all containers (creates volumes and starts containers)
    • docker-compose up -d

How Testers Can Maintain a Nice Clean Environment

Show Currently Running and All Past Containers

  • docker ps -a

Let's Say You Discover You Have Two Older Containers (named isle-web, isle-db) and You Want to Remove Them:

  • Example to stop these 2 containers
    • docker stop isle-web isle-db
  • Example to remove these 2 containers
    • docker rm isle-web isle-db