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ISLandora Enterprise (ISLE)

ISLE is a community developed open-source project that bundles the Islandora stack into a set of Docker images that are easy to install and update. ISLE allows for persistent customizations and provides a fully functioning Islandora platform for production, staging, and development digital repositories.

How to Install ISLE

This documentation provides clear instructions on how to install and update ISLE:

  • ISLE Installation: Follow these successive steps to create a complete workflow by installing ISLE on a Local personal computer, and then on Staging and Production environments. This workflow creates a production ready Islandora site and a workflow that supports updates, customization, and development. Additionally, you may choose to build this workflow for a New Islandora site or use this to Migrate your existing Islandora 7.x site.

  • Update ISLE: Update your version of ISLE to the latest release and receive improvements and security updates.

  • (Demo ISLE Installation: Quickly learn how to use Docker to create a new Islandora platform on your personal computer. Use this to "kick the tires" on ISLE.)

How to Contribute to ISLE

We welcome questions, suggestions, contributions, and respond promptly to requests for technical help. Please join us in the following: