ISLE Documentation: Style Guide

MkDocs Configurations

  • Site Theme: MdDocs Themes
  • CSS Overrides: The extra.css file overrides some basic CSS styles.
  • JavaScript Overrides: The extra.js file (could) override some basic JS styles.


  • Files use dashes, not underscores, and are lowercase.
  • Example:


  • Hyperlinks use the title of their destination page as the text of the URL.
  • Example: Hardware Requirements


Sections within a section that is specific to a certain type of circumstance should be put in a table:

Example Subheader
Instructions here:
- We use this dash since mkdocs cannot accommodate true bullets inside tables.
- Another dash and another line.

Headers: Follow the APA Style Guide for Capitalization of All Important Words.

  • Solution: Sublime Text 3, install and use this package: Smart Title Case.sublime-package


  • H1: Page Title
  • H2: Main Subheaders
  • H3: Copy Production Data to Your Local

Bullets and Indentations


Mkdocs is finicky and requires double indentations to create properly indented sub-bullets.

  • Item A
    • Item B
      • Item C

Terms We Use

  • allowlist/denylist (we avoid using "whitelist" and "blacklist" due to stigma and racial stereotyping surrounding those terms)
  • personal computer (we use a generic term and NOT specific variants like: laptop, workstation, desktop computer, or tablet, etc.)
  • repository (not "repo")
  • end users (not "endusers")
  • Demo ISLE Installation
  • Local ISLE Installation: New Site
  • Local ISLE Installation: Migrate Existing Islandora Site
  • Staging ISLE Installation: New Site
  • Staging ISLE Installation: Migrate Existing Islandora Site
  • Production ISLE Installation: New Site
  • Production ISLE Installation: Migrate Existing Islandora Site
  • Update ISLE