Documentation: MkDocs

Assumptions / Prerequisites

  • Python 2.7+ or higher is installed on the end user's personal computer
  • The ISLE project directory has been cloned to the end user's personal computer in an appropriate Code or Project Directory.
  • git clone
  • Familiarity or comfortability with git and CLI commands.

Step 1. Install mkdocs

  • Please follow the instructions found here:

    • Mac/Unix: sudo -H pip install mkdocs
    • Windows: pip install mkdocs (PowerShell: Run as administrator)

Step 2. Install the mkdocs-material Theme

Step 3. Run the mkdocs Software

  • Open a terminal and cd to pathto/ISLE project directory
  • mkdocs serve
INFO    -  Building documentation...
INFO    -  Cleaning site directory
[I 180310 15:50:39 server:283] Serving on
[I 180310 15:50:39 handlers:60] Start watching changes
[I 180310 15:50:39 handlers:62] Start detecting changes
[I 180310 15:50:42 handlers:133] Browser Connected:
  • Open up a browser and navigate to
  • It is critical for this terminal to keep running
    • as mkdocs will report file changes and any potential issues.
    • To review changes in real time via the browser
  • Use the terminal output for debugging issues or missing files, links, etc.
  • To stop mkdocs, click the Cntrl and c key at the same time. (Cntrl-C)

How to Upgrade mkdocs version

  • MkDocs Release Notes
  • To upgrade MkDocs to the latest version, use pip: pip install -U mkdocs
  • You can determine your currently installed version using mkdocs --version